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INEDIT in Tarentaise (Savoy).

THE mobile laser game: its inflatable arena, its professional team.

Discover the inflatable Laser Game, an original outdoor activity that will delight young and old.

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WINTER 2022/23






Only during the school holidays at the vallandry multipurpose room above the cinema

from 6:00 p.m 


     reservation recommended


For any other request, 

Only on reservation!




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An activity for everyone 
(from 6 years and up)

If you are in search of an unforgettable sensation, come and try the LASER ATTITUDE experience.

Inside an inflatable arena of 144m2, our dynamic and professional team welcomes you and accompanies you to share fun times with family or friends.

The Laser Initiation Game is a wild tournament for the most experienced.
We offer different formulas for individuals, associations, and professionals wishing to organize an unusual activity.

Contact us to book and arrange the most suitable formula for your needs (we provide quotes for groups and for events during the day or evening).

Maximum security

Our company wishes to emphasize the importance of safety for our teams. It is essential to offer a reliable activity organized in full transparency. All our equipment is adapted to European standards which guarantees zero risk for the participants. Know that our staff is highly trained, and always smiling.

An incredible universe

Advanced technology that takes you into a colorful world? With music and smoke? Arm yourself with a laser gun before running for a fun party that is unmatched! The activity lasts between 10 and 20 minutes per game, with 10 up to 20 players simultaneously. We accept the first participations from those who are 6 years of age and older. A score board provides the points to indicate the winners so no cheating is possible. You watch live your individual scores to improve yourself further. The inflatable structures of laser games are to be installed outside, if you have a little space (150 square meters) and whatever the soil (lawn, flagstone or parking) we will install it for you!

Siège :  1 chemin du drapet leGothard 73210 La Plagne Tarentaise


Structure :  Chemin du
Contour, 73210 Bellentre


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